Hamlet Tapestries, Rogue Theatre, Tucson AZ  Based on actual tapestries at Castle of Elsinore, Denmark
Hamlet Tapestries, Rogue Theatre, Tucson, AZ 
September, 2015
Based on actual tapestries at Elsinore Castle, Denmark
Latex on Muslin, spatter technique, approx size: 6' x 16'
"Around the World in 80 Days", Arizona Theatre Company, 2014
"The Importance of Being Earnest", Arizona Theatre Company, 2013
"Ma Rainey's Black Bottom", Arizona Theatre Company, 2010
"Ten Chimneys", Arizona Theatre Company, 2011
Alice In Wonderland, Marshal Fields, Chicago/Minneapolis Easter Windo Display
The Larson Company, Tucson, AZ 1999
Faux "Bad Portrait" on Faux Wallpaper, 
Jane Austin's Emma, Arizona Theatre Company, Tucson AZ 2013

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